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Before diving into the lecture videos, start by watching the trailer and reading the course overview and outline.

We hope you enjoy learning about cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)!



Feb. 2018: If you've completed the Getting Started in Cryo-EM lectures, then you're ready for Unit 2 - Sample Preparation, 42 new videos including a Blooper Reel. Enjoy!



"The best EM course available online."

"Great introduction to Cryo-EM for biologists that covers all the basics in a clear and concise manner."

"An excellent course to get to understand the field of cryogenic Electron Microscopy. The mathematics are presented at a high level, often geometrically, without getting into details. The physics of the electron microscope is presented again at a high level but with enough detail to understand the operation. The teaching style is well paced and inviting."
"...filled the gap for introductory sources on CryoEM."
"...a wonderful resource to help explain practical aspects of microscopy to new users on our instruments in a very clear way."

"I am recommending it to every student who is interested in EM."

"...thank you and your team for making a great class available for people all over the world."

"Simply AMAZING!"