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Unit 1: Lecture videos

Lecture videos with concept check questions can be viewed on several platforms: 14.5 hours of 47 lecture video modules in 7 parts
(After completing these lecture videos, go to Unit 2: Sample Preparation.)

  • YouTube playlist
    • streaming video
    • variable speed playback
    • variable quality and resolution playback
  • iTunes U course - iTunes software or iTunes U App required
    • streaming video
    • download video option [m4v format, course materials total 55 GB]
    • note taking capabilities (for iOS iTunes U App only)
    • subscribe to view with iTunes on a computer or the iTunes U App on an iOS device
  • Coursera On-Demand MOOC platform - Coursera account required
    • streaming video
    • download video options [m4v and HTML 5 formats]
    • variable speed playback
    • transcripts available
  • ZIP files - download by each subject section, 7 total